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Hi, I’m Jenny!
My intention in creating Nurture Your Nature is to help those curious to re-gain balance, clarity and develop a deeper understanding of themselves using the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga.

This is done by combining various Ayurvedic, Yogic & Life Coaching techniques, tailoring a programme of practice and support calls to suit the individual.

I believe this kind of self-development requires an integrative, Ayurvedic approach – that is, not just addressing one aspect of our lives that is not progressing as we would like it to be, but actively looking at every piece – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – to identify where imbalances might lie.

Through the lense of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and Integrative Health Coaching, I believe it’s possible to address imbalances in our minds and bodies which are keeping us stuck in old patterns and unfulfilling, conditioned lives. It might seem like a ‘big picture’ goal. But really – is it so crazy to want to live a ‘big picture’ life?

Nurturing the essence of who you truly are & giving your body, mind and soul what they need to begin thriving can only be done once you’ve developed an intrinsic sense of what that actually means for you.

In a society where individuality is often actively discouraged in favour of following the pack and ‘going with the flow’, it is one of the most courageous things you can do to decide enough is enough, and take a step off the path towards creating your own ideal life.

It takes time, it takes a little bit of work and dedication, but using Yoga, meditation, coaching & creative work I’ve experienced first hand the changes which can occur.

Being able to live then from this space, helping others around you while you do so, returning to your inherent human and individual nature, and learning how to stay there – all of this is what these tools have given me. And more.

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Mantra practice or KIRTAN is a powerful tool in Yoga & Ayurveda to calm and direct the mind



I have 200hr qualifications in Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Zuna Yoga and The Practice  in Canggu, Bali. I have also trained and practiced Yin Yoga extensively with Nik Robson Yoga and the Yin Culture Movement from New Zealand. As of September 2019, I am a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), where I studied Ayurveda and holistic healing in-depth, as well as completing an Ayurvedic Specialist Training with Brad Hay.

I have spent time teaching and learning at yoga and healing retreats in both Sri Lanka and Bali in the past several years, including Sunshine Stories in Ahangama, Sri Lanka, and Be Kind Retreats in Canggu, Bali, and I co-led a retreat at B’oa Vida Rote in Rote Island, Indonesia in June 2019.

Approach + Structure

My approach to teaching yoga comes from a place of healing. It is not a fitness regime. Having experienced firsthand the healing benefits the traditional tantric yoga & meditation practice has on both the body and mind, and the inextricable links between the two, I aim to share these techniques with students seeking to re-align and develop a deeper understanding of themselves & their energy.

On a physical level, classes follow a scientific approach to return the nervous system to balance through breath, mindful movement, mantra and kriya meditations.


Clients will receive private consultation sessions, with a first coaching call/in-person session FREE to discuss and assess your current goals & intentions with this work. From here, we work together to help you realise your own inherent ability to create change in your life – because I believe that we all have the capacity to do so, regardless of what we’ve been conditioned to think.

I also love teaching private yoga sessions to individual & small groups of clients, enabling you to continue deepening your practice at home and in private.

Read more about my approach to coaching (here)
Read more about Hatha Yoga and it’s benefits here.


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Other Offerings include:

– Private and Public Moon, Sun and Fire Hatha Yoga Classes (75 min or 90min)
–  Yin Yoga (75 OR 90 min)
–  Individual Ayurvedic healing session
–  Kirtan (mantra meditation) sessions
–  Workshops (Themes include Creativity, Mantra, Body-Image and Self-Confidence, Journalling and Kids’ Yoga Workshops)
– Private, online or group sessions can be arranged on request.

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