Marketing Work


As well as my yoga teaching and self-image workshops, another aspect of my creative work includes creating content for brands with whom I resonate and connect to.
I provide copywriting and online marketing services to a variety of companies across a broad range of topics including yoga, health, wellness, self-image, nutrition, spirituality,Β  as well as some travel brands.
I assist with content creation and brand promotion, placing a focus on ensuring the company’s unique set of values and voice is defined and heard through the content. I believe that in order to grow, expand and THRIVE that companies (and humans alike!) need to create a clear and unique voice which effectively provides clients with a sense of complete understanding, ease and guaranteed delivery of products/services/results.

I have been lucky enough to work with brands such as doTERRA Essential Oils, YogaFit NYC and Standard Process, among others. I have also had articles featured on a variety of wellness and travel-related websites such as Elephant, and have worked in the past on marketing for several hospitality chains in Southeast Asia such as Mad Monkey Hostels.


Services I provide:

  • Website copy – landing pages, design copy for e-invites, emails and press releases,Β  researched brand innovation copy and other brand descriptive/promotional information.
  • Social Media Strategies – composing weekly or month-long promotional strategies and organised, detailed content (captions, phrases, newsletters, descriptive info) for events, products or projects which covers all of the brands’ social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, etc).
  • Blog Posts – This can include once-off blog posts on specific topics relating to your company’s services or a series of posts to be written and included into your monthly marketing plan.
  • Finding a company ‘voice’ – for those struggling to define and outline the details of what services your company provides for prospective clients, I assess and research both the existing client-base and also the competition to ensure that your company values are adhered to and expressed clearly in a way which stands out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in working with me or seeing some samples of my work, please get in touch at or through the ‘Create With Me’ section of this website!



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