Hi there – my name is Jenny!

I’m primarily a Yoga teacher, writer, and musician, yet I try to include creative aspects to all of my work and everyday life – no matter where I am or what I’m doing.
I believe that as creative beings, we humans have the responsibility and power to continuously redefine, create and manifest our ideal lives.
The healing and empowering properties of the ancient Hatha Yoga practices are something which have helped me in this area, aiding in my recovery from and management of anxiety and other mental health issues, and inspiring me to start sharing some of these skills, observations and techniques with the world.


What’s The Point?

I started Manifest Yoga to help people learn how to acknowledge, accept and take back control of their energy. By doing this, we begin to gain more clarity, a sense of self-worth and empowerment, leading us towards creating a truly inspired, satiated, healthy and happy life.

I believe that everyone deserves the chance to do this and also has the ability – no matter what you’ve been conditioned to think. I hope you’ll consider joining me on some online courses and classes soon – see below for more info!


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What Do You Offer?

I offer Hatha, Yin and Meditation classes both publicly and privately with the focus on cultivating a sense of empowerment, embodiment and creativity, in order to help you manifest your unique potential and energy into the world.

For a full list of my class offerings, see the Yoga Teaching Info page.

(Read more about Hatha Yoga and it’s benefits here.)


Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 12.32.51
Kirtan session at The Power of Now Oasis, Sanur, Bali



Having used yoga, meditation, creativity and these ancient life-teachings as a means to endure and eventually manage my own mental health and self-image difficulties, I now feel I am in a place to help others do the same. I truly thrive on helping people realise the value of their own contribution and authentic selves to the world; since beginning this journey to self I have travelled and taught in various locations in Asia (Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Bali) and completed 2x 200hr Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin YTTs with both Zuna Yoga in Ubud, Bali and The Practice in Canggu.
I hope to continue my exploration, growth, and learning about the ancient practices and never ending benefits of yoga through my classes as Manifest Yoga, and also through my writings and creative endeavours.

I travel with this practice – wherever there is a need, a love and a desire for yoga, self-awareness and inner work, I am happy to facilitate it and help others on their journey towards manifesting their ideal life.


Currently resident yoga teacher at Sunshine Stories Retreats in Ahangama, Sri Lanka.

Contact jennyniruiseil@gmail.com for more info!

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